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Bob Gearhart Jr., DCW Group,

When Bob Gearhart Jr. was 10 years old, his first job was with the family company, DCW Group, keying census data into Microsoft Excel from paper forms in his grandparents’ living room. In 2007, he was a junior at Bowling Green State University majoring in sports management when his grandfather passed away and he got his insurance license. “Although I had my insurance license, it wasn’t until 2010, after graduating from Bowling Green and spending two years with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lake Erie Monsters, that I decided to return to our company,” he says. The world of health care and health Insurance underwent significant change in 2010 and is set to drastically change again in 2017. “Given these changes, you can imagine my shock when I returned to the insurance business only to find that Excel still is the primary tool in most insurance brokers arsenals!” he says. As the third generation at DCW, Bob Gearhart Jr. says his role is to merge two generations of industry experience that spans over 60 years with new ideas and innovative technology to help the firm’s customers become “lean, mean, job creating machines.” “The best part of my job is learning about our clients businesses and meeting their employees.”

All Businesses Operate a Health Care Business Unit, and It’s Losing Money

In his book The Seat of the Soul, author Gary Zukav shares a story about a customer having dinner in Italy. Upon receiving his bill, the man reviews each handwritten item until he reaches the last line that roughly translated means, “If it goes, it goes.” The man hands the bill to the waiter and asks, “What is this item?” to which the waiter replies, “It didn’t go” and removes the charge from the bill.

If waiters in Italy have figured out that many consumers can be duped into paying for items they never received, how can American consumers stand a chance navigating our health-care system?


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