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Greg Smith, Toastmasters

Greg Smith is devoted to studying leadership with a focus on public speaking. He understands true leaders must communicate clearly and persuasively if they hope to inspire great achievement.In 2016, Smith launched two enterprises to advance his personal interests in developing people and maximizing their personal talents in the workplace.
Greg Smith Leadership  provides high-level training in public speaking in both group and individual settings. He also founded Diamond Management Systems, a business-solutions company offering three key products: the Greg Smith Pro-D, a cutting-edge mission/competency/style assessment; Team Align, an innovative performance appraisal tool that increases employee engagement at work; and StratOp, a comprehensive strategic planning process for business developed by the Paterson Center.

It’s Easy Being the Best: What we can learn from Tom Brady after Super Bowl 51

Trying to pick the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) football player can easily lead to a shouting match in any group. Fans can be fanatical, after all, and given the subjective nature of the question (are we talking about Super Bowl wins, individual stats or position?) you will probably never achieve a consensus answer. However, any discussion about great football players has to include Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Stay with me Brady detractors, there’s a point to all this… even if you despise number 12.


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