Bob Gearhart Sr.

DCW Group

Bob grew up in Austintown and graduated from The University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in industrial management and a minor in personnel.

Before joining DCW Group in 2006, Bob spent over 20 years on the insurance carrier and banking side of the industry. He was instrumental in building and managing three of the largest bank owned insurance agencies in the country and is a nationally recognized speaker on bank insurance product distribution.

Grateful for an amazing wife of 32 years, and two sons, Bob Jr. and Michael, Bob enjoys taking in the sunsets over Evans Lake with Debbie at their home in Poland.

Bob is passionate about rescuing companies from the outdated methods being used by health insurance brokers, which are costing companies time, money, and talent. By leveraging experience, relationships and technology, Bob provides companies the knowledge and tools to become an employer of choice.

Insurance As It Should Be

DCW Group is a third generation employee benefits and business consulting firm in Boardman, 4800 Market St. D, that describes itself as “committed to the continued disruption of an industry that rewards mediocrity and lacks transparency.”

The DCW team is passionate about working with companies and their employees to provide a steady hand in a turbulent world as health care undergoes continued reform. DCW wants to debunk the belief that all health insurance brokers are lazy and lining their pockets, by putting their best foot forward every day and investing in technology solutions to pass on to the companies they work with.

The firm offers traditional and non-traditional insurance, working with dozens of insurance carriers to make sure their clients save money as a company and their employees have solid benefits they can easily manage with DCW’s Employee Management System.