Tim Petrey

HD Davis CPAs, LLC

Tim Petrey is the managing partner of HD Davis CPAs. He is a graduate of Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration. He is a certified public accountant with experience concentrated in tax, business consulting, business process outsourcing and QuickBooks.

He joined HD Davis CPAs LLC in its second year of operation and over the last seven years has helped the company grow from four employees in one location to 26 employees in four locations.

Tim and the firm’s founder, Harold Davis, established HD Davis CPAs, Geauga in 2013, and founded HD Davis CPAs, Canton in 2014.

Tim resides in Canfield with his wife, Carla, their son, Nathan, and dog, Zoey. He enjoys playing golf and basketball and staying involved at YSU. He volunteers his time at YSU on various projects and currently serves as the treasurer of Ballet Western Reserve and Brighten Up for the Kids in Youngstown.

Grow Your Business

Founded in 2007 by Harold Davis, a certified public accountant, HD Davis CPAs LLC, 125 Churchill-Hubbard Road, Liberty Township, is a progressive accounting firm with a unique spin on the traditional accounting firm.

Following a long and successful career of founding two traditional accounting firms, Davis wanted to expand on his business coaching services and work more closely with his clients than traditional firms.

In 2009, Davis met and hired a young local accountant, Tim Petrey, who fit this nontraditional mold. Petrey joined Davis and his team of four professionals, and the vision started to bloom.

The firm concentrates on value-based services for clients all over the United States. It provides traditional accounting services such as tax and compliance services, as well as BPO services (business process outsourcing), efficient bookkeeping, payroll, dynamic business financial planning and nonprofit consulting services.

HD Davis CPAs’ focus has been, and always will be, on its people. The staff does its best to ensure that everyone who interacts with the company has an outstanding experience.

The success its clients achieve comes from the staff taking the extra time and energy to help them achieve their goals not only by looking at financial information as an accountant, but also as a business coach.

“The formula is simple,” Petrey says. “Our clients’ success and growth is directly related to our success and growth. From individuals to booming businesses, we understand our clients on a personal level. We take extra steps to help clients achieve their goals. All of our staff members are trained to not only look at our clients information as an accountant but also as a business coach,” he explains.

“We utilize cutting-edge technology to spend less time counting beans and more time figuring out ways for our clients to get more beans.”