Erin Mellinger

Fitness Together

Erin Mellinger is the founder and owner of Fitness Together.

Mellinger grew up on a farm outside of Columbiana and attended Crestview High School and Muskingum College. She opened her first Fitness Together location in Canfield in July 2008.

“I started my business with thee employees and a lot of long days and hard lessons ahead of me,” she says. “I opened my second location in Poland in April of 2012, my third location in Howland in 2014 and my fourth loaction in Medina later that year. A fifth location is in motion and is expected to open this summer.”

Fitness Together now has 24 employees and conducts more than 2,000 training sessions every month.

Company Profile: Fitness Together

At Fitness Together the goal is to help clients learn proper exercise form and routines, keep them motivated and hold them accountable to their goals. The business model is based on relationships and accountability.

“We help people find ways to get active that they enjoy. We give them realistic nutrition support and all the tough love and high fives needed to see real and permanent results,” says the company’s founder and owner Erin Mellinger.

“Health is a way, not a places,” she continues. “We don’t promise overnight success or weight loss without putting in the work and staying disciplined. But we do guarantee results for our clients if they follow their customized and very realistic workout and nutrition plan.”

All training sessions are done in completely private, fully-equipped training suites. “No audience, no sharing equipment, and no distractions,” Mellinger says.

“Many of our clients come to us with prior injuries, health issues and a distorted view of exercise and weight loss. We’ll not only customize the safest and most effective exercise plan for each client, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep them accountable and seeing results,” Mellinger says.

“Client results are the reason for our success. When people look and feel better, they are loyal to us and also walking advertisements for Fitness Together. For business success and also personal convictions, we stay laser focused on client results as a company.”