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Adam Aebischer, Aebischer’s Jewelry

Working with fine watches and selling fine diamonds has turned into a passion for Adam Aebischer. A fourth-generation jeweler, Aebischer loves working at his family’s jewelry store, Aebischer’s Jewelry in Poland, 68 S. Main St.

Aebischer, who grew up in Poland, quickly developed a love of all things mechanical.

After hearing about his great- grandparents being Swiss watchmakers and their passion for mechanical watches, he realized this is where his drive to work with his hands and to fix anything mechanical came from.

After graduating from Poland Seminary High School in 2007, Aebischer attended Youngstown State University in pursuit of a degree in mechanical engineering technology.

During this time, he was also a salesman at a golf store in Boardman, Special Tee Golf.

At Special Tee, Aebischer found he much he enjoyed helping people: whether it was fitting them with proper golf clubs or suggesting a different golf ball to use to accommodate their swing speed for better results.

Two years into his studies at YSU, Aebischer decided that engineering was not the career for him. At the same time, he put his college education on hold and Special Tee Golf’s Boardman location was closing. This was his chance to get back to what he was truly passionate about – working with his hands.

Aebischer approached his parents with the idea of coming to work for them to see if he enjoyed fixing things on a much smaller scale.

He soon realized that working at Aebischer’s Jewelry was where he wanted to be.

Aebischer decided to attend the New Approach School for Jewelers, where he earned a certification in basic bench repair work and gemstone setting.

Still determined to earn a college degree, he decided to return to Youngstown State University and pursue a degree in business. In July 2015, Aebischer received a B.S. in business administration, a course of study he specifically chose to help run the family’s business.

Aebischer’s next career goal is to become a graduate gemologist like his father. He is now through half his studies at the Gemological Institute of America. He specializes in watches and diamonds.

“I love what I do because there is nothing better than working alongside my dad and being able to help educate customers,” he says.

Aebischer resides in Poland with his wife, Jenna, and son, John. “You never know,” he says, “John could become the fifth generation at Aebischer’s Jewelry.

Aebischer’s Endures with Relationships of Trust

What sets Aebischer’s Jewelry apart from other jewelry stores?

Adam Aebischer, jeweler at Aebischer’s Jewelry: With the amount of years that the Aebischer family and staff have in this industry, we pride ourselves on the knowledge that we pass on to our customers when they are picking out a piece of jewelry.

I personally specialize in the loose diamond and watch department. A common question I get is, “How much does a one-carat diamond cost?” Being an expert in this department, I start by educating the customer on how you can find a $3,000 one-carat diamond, and a $15,000 one-carat diamond and why there is such a vast difference in price.


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