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Sam Boak, Boak & Sons, Inc.

Sam Boak learned his entrepreneurial skills at a young age. A lifetime area resident of Canfield, Boak started working when he was a child alongside his mother Phyllis at Endres Gross Florist.

During the years he attended Canfield High School, he worked after school at Farmer’s Bank where he cleaned and emptied the paper shredder. Someone mentioned to Boak that he should buy bank stock. So instead of receiving a paycheck, he decided to accumulate stock instead. To this day, he still owns Farmer’s stock.

While attending high school, his father, Sam Boak Sr.,borrowed money to buy a small insulation business. The younger Boak would sell and install insulation after school.

Upon graduating from high school in 1975, and before he started college at Youngstown State University, Boak paid his father’s deby. Boak & Sons Inc. was established and is celebrating 41 years of business.

Boak has served on Canfield City Council, the board of Canfield Historical Society and is very active in Rotary.

His warmth and generosity keeps children warm during the winter when he donates coats to kids in the area that are in need.

He is involved with the Food Pantry, Mission of Love, clothing drives, Palm Sunday Pancake breakfast and the Fly The Flag program.

A big passion of Boak’s since 2007 has been providing 4th of July fireworks for the city of Canfield. For several years, area residents have congregated to the fair grounds to enjoy a spectacular variety of fireworks. In 2014, he hired the Little River Band to perform. Boak says the coolest thing to see is the joy on everyone’s faces as the sky lights up and the band entertains.

Boak has made substantial donations to the War Vet Museum and feels immense pride when he drives by after dark and sees the building lit.

He also feels it is important to “pay it forward” and spread the work of God. Boak is a member of the Canfield Presbyterian Church where he donates Lilly plants for all congregational members to take home after Easter Sunday. The purpose of this is for the church member to give the plant to another person on Easter.
Boak is an exceptional son, husband, grandfather, friend and mentor.

Q&A on Commercial Roofing Projects

We know the importance of checking with the Better Business Bureau and investigating a contractor before hiring them for a residential roofing job. (READ Q&A Part 1) But what about commercial roofing projects? Is there as much of a gap in quality in commercial roofing companies that homeowners may suffer from fly-by night operations or storm chasers?

Sam Boak: CEO of Boak & Sons Inc., Austintown:  As for commercial roofing companies going out and knocking on doors, trying to get work, usually the newer companies are doing that. The older reputable commercial roofing contractors that have been here for years, we’re not. We’re waiting for the phone to ring. When you’re ready, you’ll call us because you’ve heard our reputation. We tell business people to talk to other business people in our community, and contact your insurance company.


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