Classic Cartoons: March, 1992 | October 3, 2016

March, 1992

In January 1992, the Bureau of Prisons announced plans to construct a federal lockup in Columbiana County, much to the opposition of local farmers and residents near Elkton, where the prison is located today. This cartoon satirizes other residents who might side with the opposition.

Classic Cartoons: July, 2007 | September 19, 2016

July, 2007

It wasn’t long after Liberty Township resident Marc Dann was elected as Ohio Attorney General that things started to unravel for the politician. First came a story by former Tribune Chronicle reporter Steve Oravecz that pointed out the woman whom Dann raised as his daughter and other supporters received state jobs after he took office. […]

Classic Cartoons: August, 1991 | September 5, 2016

August, 1991

In August 1991, the United States had reason to believe Saddam Hussein was pursuing his ambition to secure nuclear weapons just months after his Iraqi army was ousted from Kuwait as a result of Operation Desert Storm. Concurrently, actress Demi Moore created controversy by posing both nude and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair […]

Classic Cartoons: 1990 | August 22, 2016


This 1990 cartoon depicts the potential future trials facing the particular demographic today considered “Milllennials,” that is, those born rduring the period between the late 1980s and 2000. Here, an infant evokes his concerns about what lay ahead in the post-Reagan years through a simple nursery rhyme.

Classic Cartoons: November 1989 | August 8, 2016

November 1989

By Thanksgiving of 1989, work on the Youngstown Historical Center for Industry and Labor – better known as the “Steel Museum” — had been finished for months but there persisted a problem: it was empty. The distinction earned it dubious coverage in Time magazine as a symbol of wasteful government spending. Meanwhile, legislators – especially […]

Classic Cartoons: Traficant Arms Deal | July 27, 2016

Traficant Arms Deal

In November of 1987, U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant officially filed papers seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Traficant, the outspoken, bombastic congressman from the Mahoning Valley often challenged U.S. foreign policy objectives during the waning days of the Cold War. Meanwhile, his populist rhetoric related to themes such as illegal immigration won him […]