Drilling Down

Rex Energy Pleased with Butler County Results

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Rex Energy Corp. reports two recent well pads put into production in its Appalachian Basin operations are showing promise.

“We are very pleased with the performance to date of our two most recent well pads in the Butler Operated Area,” in Butler County, Pa., said Tom Stabley, Rex Energy’s CEO.

During the first quarter of 2015, the company placed the four-well Powell pad into production. The pad was drilled with an average lateral length of 5,500 feet and completed with an average sand concentration of 2,300 pounds per foot. The Powell pad produced at an average five-day sales rate per well of 9.3 million cubic feet per day, the company reported today.

Rex Energy also placed the two-well Hamilton pad into sales, the company said. The wells were drilled at an average length of 4,700 feet and completed with an average sand concentration of 2,300 pounds per foot. The Hamilton pad yielded an average five-day sales rate of 7.3 million cubic feet of natural gas per well, per day.

“Based on the five-day sales rates, these two pads are on trend to meet or exceed our 2015 Marcellus-type curve projections,” Stabley says.

The company has released its second rig in the Appalachian basin and expects to run a one-rig program through 2015.

In the Moraine East Area, also in Butler County, Pa., the company has completed drilling the final well of the four-well Renick pad. The four wells were drilled at an average length of about 5,820 feet. The company expects to begin completion operations at the pad at the end of March.

First quarter production was constrained in the Utica, the company said, specifically in its Warrior Prospect leasehold area in Carroll County, Ohio. These curtailments were due in part because of downtime at the Blue Racer compressor station.

The issue at the compressor station has since been resolved and Rex Energy said it does not anticipate future production restrictions in Warrior North.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.