22 Burgan Agents Earn President’s Sales Club Honors

BOARDMAN, Ohio – For the third consecutive year, Burgan Real Estate led the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors for the most agents earning the Ohio Realtors President’s Sales Club award. 

In total, 22 Burgan agents had more than $1 million in sales. Tabitha Matheney topped the sales chart at the agency with $5,897,389 in sales, earning the Award of Excellence from the state association.

“It is hard to think that we could top the record-breaking years our agents helped us achieve in 2018 and 2019.  However, our culture encourages all of us to be better, and we are especially proud of how these 22 agents embraced this mantra,” said co-owner Patrick Burgan in a statement. “To have Burgan Real Estate represented by the most agents receiving this award for the third consecutive year is one of our proudest achievements to date.”

Three agents earned the Award of Distinction for topping $2.5 million in sales: James Marzo ($4,232,690), Valerie Park ($2,557,391) and Karen Ament ($2,521,888).

Earning the Award of Achievement for having at least $1 million in sales are:

  • TC and Julie Bunevich, $2,345,250.
  • Julie Mills, $1.946,275.
  • Scott Heffelfinger, $1,741,325.
  • Traci Hardy, $1,736,738.
  • Joan Zarlenga, $1,726,750.
  • Liz Salcedo, $1,703,760.
  • Maggie Garland, $1,678,700.
  • Lisa Resnick, $1,664,767.
  • John Burgan, 1,494,468.
  • Rachael Thomas, $1,453,475.
  • Steve Rogers, $1,383,350.
  • Rhonda Rance, $1,304,764.
  • Mandie Dillon, $1,140,250.
  • Amanda Hamilton, $1,121,375.
  • Jill Herock, $1,067,700.
  • Kim Sauerwein, $1,035,797.
  • Crissy Gallaugher, $1,014,975.
  • Rich Suhovecky, $1,013,850. 

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.