‘Byline Breakdown’ Podcast Takes Listeners Inside Our Reporting

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Business Journal has introduced a weekly podcast titled “The Byline Breakdown,” which will be released every Thursday.

The podcast is designed to delve deeper into the stories that are affecting the Mahoning and Shenango valleys. Each episode will spotlight a conversation between host Mike Moliterno, chief operating officer of The Business Journal, and a veteran reporter.

Listeners can anticipate in-depth discussions surrounding the formation of the story, the challenges faced during reporting, and the key takeaways and lessons learned from it.

“I believe that the stories we cover, and the process of how we cover them, offers valuable insights,” Moliterno says. “ ‘The Byline Breakdown’ provides a platform where we can share behind-the-scenes looks at the journalism that shapes our community.”

The inaugural episode kicked off Oct. 12 with a two-part conversation with Dan O’Brien, managing editor of The Business Journal, centered on the latest developments at Lordstown Motors. Moliterno and O’Brien discuss the sequence of events leading up to the potential sale of its assets to LAS Capital and the company’s founder and former CEO, Steve Burns.

O’Brien has been following Lordstown Motors since its inception and covers the electric vehicle industry.

“It’s a complex scenario: Burns’ exit, the subsequent bankruptcy, and now this asset sale [to Burns]– it paints a vivid picture of the volatility in the EV space,” he observes.

Apart from gaining insights into the journalistic process, the podcast aims to build a deeper connection between readers of The Business Journal and the reporters who serve them. The venture is also in line with the commitment of the publication to transparency and in-depth journalism.

“We want to share with our audience not only the story itself but also the dedication and effort to bring it to them,” Moliterno says.

“The Byline Breakdown” is available on popular podcast platforms and at BusinessJournalDaily.com/podcasts.

Pictured at top: Michael Moliterno asks Dan O’Brien to share his insights on Lordstown Motors.