Service Network Sparks Growth at Enertech

LOWELLVILLE, Ohio – After two generations of family ownership and 40 years of electrical construction, Enertech Electrical is expanding its service department to meet the demand for electricians. 

Enertech, based in Lowellville, was established in February 1981 by Ralph Conti, who also founded The Conti Corp. Forty years later, Enertech is one of the largest electrical contractors in the area with a market encompassing Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

“I’ve been here since 1989, and being a part of the growth has been amazing,” says John Donofrio, president.

In 2012, Enertech organized its service department, which has shown year-over-year growth in sales and customers of all types.

“We will do over $2 million in  service sales through 2021, which will be 15% of our total volume,” Donofrio says.

With eight electricians between the company’s two offices, Enertech serves numerous accounts across the tri-state area. The company has focused on service growth even as the nation is plagued by the coronavirus.

“2020 was definitely a challenging year for everyone. And we were no exception.  Still, we managed to grow our service network even as times got tough,” says Dominic Donofrio, business development manager. “We did this by taking care of our customers.”

Throughout the year, Enertech helped its customers by extending payment terms, offering hourly rate discounts, and keeping electricians on call for 24/7 emergency service. “We reached out to current customers and to new ones, offering as much help as we could,” Dominic Donofrio says.

The company was called upon to work with the Ohio National Guard and Mercy Health to develop plans to convert the Covelli Centre into a field hospital, which would be needed in the event of an overflow of sick patients from the hospitals.

“Thankfully, we never had to actually do it,” says Mark Stanovcak, project manager. “By working with the engineers at CJL Engineering, we would have been able to convert the entire electrical system at the Covelli Centre in 10 days to suit the needs of Mercy Health as a field hospital.”

As construction projects across the region halted, Enertech kept its employees working with projects that included a $20,000 renovation project at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Lowellville that the company funded.

The renovations included electrical upgrades, deep cleaning, painting and ceiling replacements, all performed by Enertech employees.

“We did whatever we could to keep our people working and to help our community,” says Dominic Donofrio.

Enertech expects stable growth in 2021.

“We will be seeking out more service accounts and will be bidding on high-profile public projects,” he says.