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Established in 1949, HBK serves clients ranging from individuals to small businesses to multimillion-dollar corporations across the United States through our office in four states. We specialize in a wide variety of tax, accounting, assurance, and business consulting services which can help you achieve all of your personal and business goals.

HBK is a multidisciplinary financial services firm, offering the collective intelligence of hundreds of professionals committed to delivering exceptional client service across a wide range of tax, accounting, audit, business advisory, valuation, financial planning, wealth management and support services from 16 offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Florida.

As your life, family and business change, so do your financial requirements. A little more of this, a little less of that, and something you never realized you might ever need. Over the more than 60 years since our founders established it as our mission, HBK has grown by expanding our services to accommodate our clients’ changing needs. Today, with the resources of one of the nation’s largest independent accounting firms and the varied expertise of more than 400 professionals, we provide our clients access to a comprehensive range of financial solutions.

The mission and directive of your HBK advisor are one: to do what is in your best interests. We are bound in heritage, culture and by ordinance to do only what is in your best interests. By addressing your finances holistically, we apply the resources and varied expertise of one of the nation’s largest independent accounting and professional consulting firms to deliver comprehensive financial support — now and as your finances, goals and requirements change over time.

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Expertise Coordinated

Individuals with assets require a variety of financial services; the greater the assets the greater the complexity of services they require. In virtually all cases, people don’t know the kinds or how many kinds of expertise they need. They are most likely to turn to a financial professional for advice, but one advisor with one particular skill can’t possibly provide the scope of expertise they need, especially when the client is a small business owner or a high net worth individual.

In Expertise Coordinated, HBK takes a collaborative approach to offer monthly expertise and insights from its CPAs, consultants and wealth advisors.

Focusing on Your Nonprofit Organization’s Mission

Focusing on Your Nonprofit Organization’s Mission

One similarity between for-profit and nonprofit organizations are that they both need money. “The difference is, nonprofits focus on a mission,” says James Bird, senior manager at HBK.   In this installment of Expertise Coordinated,  Bird talks about focusing on your nonprofit organization’s mission and developing the resources to continue...

Flood Victims Can Take a Casualty Loss on 2019 Taxes

Severe storms that hit Ohio May 27-29 caused collateral damage throughout the state, including high water and flash flooding in the Mahoning Valley, particularly in Boardman and Canfield along U.S. Route 224, and even into Poland. Parts of those areas were submerged in water, causing damage to homes and businesses....

Business Owners Need to Be Aware of These Important Tax Dates

Jena Baun HBK

Most business owners associate April 15 with tax season, but that is certainly not the only date that matters. “There are various days throughout the year that are important for business owners especially,” says Jena Baun, a senior associate at HBK. In this installment of Expertise Coordinated, Baun tells you...

Impact of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act on Individuals

All individuals are impacted by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act differently, but there are some key changes in deductions and reimbursements that taxpayers should be aware of. In this installment of Expertise Coordinated, David Blasko, a principal-in-charge at HBK, answers common questions asked about the Tax Cuts & Jobs...

Three Motivators to Help You Achieve Success

Most business owners are looking to grow their money, power or image. But these three things alone won't bring someone long-term success or fulfillment. In this installment of Expertise Coordinated, Michael Ross, a principal at HBK, tells how he helps professionals find their strategy for achieving success by looking at...

Top Questions During Tax Season

The 199A deduction, or the Qualified Small Business Deduction, is the hot-button topic leading into tax season this year. For small- to medium-sized businesses, it can mean a lower corporate tax rate. It also means business owners have quite a few questions for their certified public accountants. In the first...