Youth Intensive Services

Ohio MHAS Certified Substance Abuse Agency

Youth Intensive Services is an Ohio MHAS certified substance abuse agency and a Medicaid Provider.

The professional staff at YIS currently consists of a contracted licensed psychologist, 2 LISW-s, and 6 CDCA’s. YIS is currently in the process of obtaining an Ohio MHAS certification for mental health services. Currently YIS offers a broad range of mental health services including psychological testing and assessments, family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, and CPST.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs

Youth Intensive Services’ outpatient substance abuse treatment programs enable clients to remain with their families, attend school, and maintain employment while receiving treatment.

YIS substance abuse treatment programs are Medicaid Funded or are available on a sliding fee scale based on gross family income. In addition to highly successful case management, outpatient groups, intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP), and individual counseling, YIS offers aftercare, drug screenings, and prevention education.

YIS outpatient substance abuse treatment programs are unique and non-traditional due to our commitment to provide substance abuse services directly in the client’s natural settings. YIS requires its treatment providers to provide a majority of the percentage of service in the client’s home, school, and community settings.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Youth Intensive Services is a nonprofit corporation established under the laws of the Ohio Secretary of State. Our mission is to help those in our care lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Youth Intensive Services vision and goals include:

  • Respecting and responding to the unique needs and concerns of youth and families of at-risk and/or youth and individuals suffering from addiction and mental and emotional disturbance.
  • Striving to provide essential accessible substance abuse treatment, support, education, rehabilitation, and referral services to the residents of Mahoning County and surrounding communities.
  • Providing quality services and programs in a professional, confidential manner that meets the needs of our consumers and the community at large.
  • Maintaining a team of competent health care professionals and support staff committed to serving in a responsible, sensitive and effective manner.
  • Cooperating with human service providers, businesses, government, and other organizations to enrich the lives of those suffering from addiction.
  • Commitment to act in accordance with all state and federal laws in a non-discriminating manner.

How You Can Help

Community members can make a positive impact on Youth Intensive Services by volunteering their time or donating services.

The Youngstown agency is “always looking for ways to improve our programming,” says co-owner and chief operating officer Desirae Thompson. Summer programs provide transportation and meals to the children, and the agency welcomes any help with those services, she says.

Youth Intensive Services hosts three family events annually for the community to raise awareness about the need for its services. The agency welcomes volunteers to help with these events and others, as well as to provide mentorship for youth and adults, particularly parents of at-risk children, she says.

“A lot of people tend to relate to someone who’s been through the things they’ve gone through, or can relate,” Thompson says. “I would like to start parenting groups for support for various things.”

Those interested in volunteering or making a referral can contact Youth Intensive Services at 330 318 3436 or online at

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