Business Journal Launches 2 Personal Branding Services

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO – The coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on nearly every aspect of life, especially the way we do business. In a world where social distancing is the new normal, business professionals need a robust digital brand presence to make up for the lack of face time. 

That’s why The Business Journal is launching “Brand Builder Pro” and revamping “Getting Ahead.” Both projects deliver impact and recognition that transcends social media. By leveraging these trusted media platforms and publishing digital content, you can evolve your personal brand and build a more scalable, effective and safe method for communicating.

“Personal and persistent brand building is the key to creating relationships and building a loyal customer base,” says Jeff Leo Herrmann, CEO of the Youngstown Publishing Co. “These days, much of it must be done online and through virtual channels due to the coronavirus. I’ve met so many business leaders that simply never invested the time in building a scalable digital presence.”

Brand Builder Pro helps business professionals accelerate their personal brand impact. Through this comprehensive multimedia program, The Business Journal showcases local professionals with placements across print, digital and social media platforms, and teaches them how to build their brand online by creating impactful content and images that break through the clutter.

The program leverages a proven methodology delivered in a workbook – “Brand Builder Pro – Digital Selling Impact” – that guides participants through the process of building trust and credibility with prospects and customers. “They come to truly understand the value you create because it’s delivered on a platform that you control,” Herrmann explains.

The Brand Builder Pro program is led by Herrmann, a student of personal branding for more than 10 years.

Herrmann is in the top 1% of LinkedIn Users, according to its Social Selling Index. The SSI measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights and building relationships. Herrmann has led sessions at LinkedIn’s national sales conference and has collaborated with many individual creators in supporting their brand-building efforts.

“The Brand Builder Pro plan includes coaching on how to take control of your social media presence, creating a positive experience and fostering engagement with your audience,” says Herrmann. “In general, the social media environment can be a real dumpster fire, and we’re here to make sure nobody gets burned.”

Herrmann will present a webinar July 16 outlining the Brand Builder Pro program and the basics of brand building. “We’ll talk about some of the tools of the trade, helpful apps and how to audit your LinkedIn profile to maximum efficiency,” he says.

Click here to register for the July 16 webinar. People who sign up receive a FREE LinkedIn Audit for attending.

Brand Builder Pro is the perfect tool for Real Estate, insurance and financial services professionals that want to raise their profile,” states Abby Masluk, commercial lead for the Real Estate market vertical.

In these hyper competitive markets, this program creates a persistent and unique brand presence on a trusted media platform. It helps these professionals build their “know, like and trust” profile. And, their unique characteristics and personality will be accentuated.

The second brand-building tool – “Getting Ahead” – enables business leaders to recognize the important contributions of their team. 

“Getting Ahead is a mature franchise that we’ve recently updated. It gives the business owner the chance to recognize employees that have been promoted or received industry recognition,” Herrmann says.

Individual profiles include a dedicated post online and activation across our email and social media platforms. All businesses and organizations are invited to participate. All they need do is submit information about the employee being recognized and a photo. CLICK HERE to submit.

Sponsorship opportunities also are available.

Please contact Jeff Herrmann for more information.

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