Business Journal Registration Improves User Experience

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Long-time visitors to have noticed some changes to the website, particularly how it looks. But there are changes happening behind the scenes as well.

To ensure The Business Journal is providing the best content that readers value the most, the locally owned multimedia publishing company is launching a registration platform to augment the website’s user experience. By having visitors register, The Business Journal will have a better idea of the stories and topics that resonate most with readers.

Starting July 1, visitors can view three stories monthly before the website asks them to register. Registration is free and allows access to all content at, from the latest news and featured articles to useful business content, including webinars and the Business Strategies Video Network.

Launching the website registration is the next step in an ongoing process to provide an online experience that’s finely tuned to the interests and needs of the residents of our region. It integrates all of our platforms, including print, e-edition and flipbook, website, email newsletters and social media.

Additionally, users will be more connected to the publication itself, giving them a more intuitive platform to offer feedback and story leads.

Visitors can register now by CLICKING HERE to create their login information.

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