Remembering the Golden Dawn

golden dawn youngstown

The Golden Dawn was one of the most iconic bars in the city of Youngstown. In this 'On the Menu' video we learn the beginnings of many of the restaurant's traditions, from its calm atmosphere to its Genesee schooners.

Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe

jib jab hot dog shoppe

The Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe in Girard serves thousands of patrons a day. While most can't agree on which location (Girard, Warren, East Liverpool) is the best, everyone agrees one hot dog is never enough.

They Make the Real Brier Hill Pizza

brier hill pizza

Every Friday the volunteers at St. Anthony's in the Brier Hill neighborhood of Youngstown wake up early to start making the Brier Hill Pizza. In this 'On the Menu' video we learn how the tradition got started and why people say this is the 'real' Brier Hill Pizza.

The Elmton Broasts the Competition

the elmton struthers ohio

The Elmton in Struthers has been in business since 1945. In this 'On the Menu' video we see how the third generation to run the restaurant is making sure their 'broasted' chicken and pizza taste the same as they did in the beginning.