Consistency is Key

One of the primary pieces of advice that 898 Marketing gives to its clients is ensuring that a company’s message remains consistent.

“Making sure that your message and the content that you have out in the marketplace through whatever mediums or channels or creative you’re doing is consistent in all messages and all formats,” says Jeff Ryznar, 898 Marketing.

In the latest installment of Stop Talking. Start Doing., Ryznar cites his agency’s work with the campaign to promote the Southwoods Pain & Spine Center. Entitled Find Your Strength, the campaign promoted the importance of Southwoods being “one center and one location right here in Northeast Ohio,” Ryznar says.

Other companies in the region can take something away from the Find Your Strength campaign, he says.

“First thing, you need to find your strength,” Ryznar says. “Find the things that you do well as a company. Find your merits that resonate with your customers. And hit home on that in every single opportunity that you have in your messaging.”

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In addition to crafting custom marketing direction designed to achieve business objectives, 898 Marketing serves as a network of resources, including its in-house video production team, TV Eye Productions.

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