Creating Your Unfair Advantage is a revenue and growth-hacking series that presents the latest insights and techniques to help keep your digital marketing on point and hone your sales best practices.

In each episode, Jeff Leo Herrmann and a few special guests will offer tips, best practices and strategies to help you focus on the power of digital marketing and how to best leverage the Business Strategies Video Network!

Jeff Leo Herrmann

Jeff Leo Herrmann is a high-impact business leader with expertise developing and executing multi-million dollar deals in technology, media and analytical services. Jeff works in high-visibility, highly competitive markets of CPG, Retail, Healthcare, Media, SaaS, B2B Technology, and Advertising/Marketing Services.

Jeff’s passion lies in the design and development of strategies to leverage content, technology and data to accelerate sales and realize extraordinary growth.

In addition to being a mobile marketing pioneer, you won’t find a bigger content marketing zealot with an intense belief that brands are better off engaging their audiences with educational and entertaining content instead of blasting them with massive traditional advertising campaigns. This perspective is well informed after a 15-year career at The Nielsen Company spent in audience measurement and advertising effectiveness.

As a Boomerang back to NE Ohio after 15 years split between Chicago and New York, and his time on the speaker circuit presenting in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Munich and Milan, Jeff has an intense appreciation for work-life synergy and the power of virtual work environments.

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