Digital Spring Cleaning: Organize Your Technology

When was the last time you physically cleaned your computer?

Chances are it’s been way too long, so shut down your desktop or laptop and crack open a pack of disinfecting wipes for your keyboard and mouse. Avoid using wipes on your monitor; stick with a light dusting instead. 

What about your vents? Use compressed air to blow dirt out of the vents. 

Take a second to check your uninterruptible power supply and power surge protector. All-in-one units are common, so make sure that your PC and monitor are plugged into the backup battery instead of the surge protector outlet.

Organize Your Computer Desktop

Take time to delete the files you don’t need anymore. Organize files, folders and icons into groups so you can find what you need easily. And remember to empty your recycle bin.As you clean and delete the clutter, it might also be time to tackle that overflowing email inbox. 

Upgrade Your Passwords

Make your passwords pass phrases instead. A pass phrase could be,
“ILikeToWatchTelevision.” Once you’ve updated your passwords to pass phrases, consider using a password manager to keep track of them all and take some time to brush up on cyber smarts. 

Back Everything Up

This can be as simple as buying a $9 thumb drive and manually copying important files. There are also backup tools like external hard drives or online tools like OneDrive or Dropbox. 

Update Everything

Don’t ignore those pop-up alerts to update your operating system or browser. Generally, they means the developers found a security hole  and they need to plug it. Be sure that your anti-virus software is up to date.

SOURCE: National Federation of Independent Business

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