Kasich Will be Honored at Reception, Not Convention

CLEVELAND – Gov. John Kasich, who labored for months to be the Republican Party’s nominee for president, will be the honoree at a reception tonight at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Expected to attend the event are 1,500 business leaders, political dignitaries and Ohio delegates to the Republican National Convention. Kasich has yet to endorse the Donald Trump as his party’s presidential nominee and is not expected to step foot into Quicken Loans Arena.

Kasich, who only managed to win his home state in his quest for the White House, is scheduled to attend several events beyond the walls of convention site.

According to a news release from his presidential campaign, the governor will attend “a series of public and private events this week to support down-ballot Republicans, talk about creating a stronger economy and national defense, thank his supporters and visit with state delegations from across the country.”

This morning he will speak to Michigan’s GOP delegation, the International Republican Institute and, following today’s reception, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. On Wednesday, he will address the Pennsylvania and New Hampshire delegations. In addition, he will attend events supporting the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Republican Governors Association, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Kasich has “made a decision based on what’s important to him,” Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor said in an interview Monday at the convention. Taylor, who is among Kasich’s delegates, said she is there to support and vote for the governor.

“After the vote is done, I think it’s important for our party to be unified coming out of this convention to win in November,” she continued. “From my perspective, the worst thing that could happen is we elect Hillary Clinton.”

The lieutenant governor said she could not speak to reports of tensions between the Kasich and Trump camps and was unaware of any conversations that might be taking place between them (READ STORY).

“We are here because of the work that John Kasich has done, the leadership he’s shown to put Ohio in a position where we could financially and economically support and bring a convention to our state which is still a very important state when it comes to the November election,” she remarked.

Taylor says the delegates she has spoken with feel welcome from the time they fly into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and disembark from their planes.

“People are helpful and friendly, not just people who are a part of the convention but just Clevelanders in general helping people get around the streets, making them feel wonderful and comfortable,” she said. “I’m proud of what I’ve seen so far.”


Leslie Thomas of Duncanville, Texas in Dallas County – home city of the state’s governor, Greg Abbott – praised Cleveland’s people as well as its weather.

“I think the weather is beautiful I think the people are outstanding, and I think it’s going to be a great convention,” she said.

Trump has made strides “in making peace” with the factions in the Texas delegation, Thomas said.

“Most of us voted for [U.S. Sen. Ted] Cruz and supported Cruz, but he’s really reached out to us and he’s made some overtures into the platform,” she continued. “He’s let us have the most conservative platform in the history of the Republican Party and we couldn’t even get that under Mitt Romney.” She also said Texas delegates were thankful that Trump selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. “We appreciate his overtures toward the conservatives,” she said.

As Thomas and her fellow Texas delegates walked along Euclid Avenue downtown, they stopped to express their appreciation toward a group of officers from state patrols from outside Ohio helping to provide security. “We appreciate you. God bless you,” she said.

Jon Payer, a lieutenant with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, praised the work of the multiple safety forces working the convention detail. Payer, who is based out in Piqua but grew up in Warren, has been in Cleveland  since Friday.

“Our main goal is to make sure that everybody here at the venue gets to where they’re going safely. We have a number of different agencies working to together just to try to provide a safe environment,” he said.

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