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Corporate Executives Program- by Master Park

by Master Park Martial Arts International - 1 month ago

Corporate Programs by Master Park

Corporate Programs by Master Park

5c23af51-3e75-3b93-9ae9-5e75b2a9f4e9.pngCorporate Programs by Master Park

Celebrating Master Park’s 50+ years of Authentic World Top Quality martial arts instruction.

Executive Programs by Master Park 

Management Officers Programs by Master Park

Employees Programs 

1.       Oriental Culture: proper procedure with discipline, respect, and good manner

2.       Various martial arts: Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkiyudo, Karate, Jujitsu, Dahn, Kigong, Hwarangdo, Self-defense

3.       Olympic sports

4.       Respect, Control, Balance, Posture, Focus, Dignity, breathing: improving health condition, Strength:  mental and physical

5.       Power, Relaxation, Flexibility, Self-defense, Self-protection, Improving circulation, speed, Agility

6.       Losing weight: most overweight children will take one month to two months to become more fit.  Master Park combines mental discipline with physical training.

7.       Coordination, Healing Asthma – Many students have overcome Asthma health problems

8.       Self-confidence, Better School Grades, Becoming successful students, citizen and leader

9.       Lifetime Bully prevention, Building Positive attitude, Education: Improving school grades – more than 90% of students earn all ”A” school grades.

Master Park

President/Grand Master
Master Park Martial Arts International
212 Boardman-Canfield Rd.

Boardman, OH 44512 USA      



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