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The melt is about to happen!

by The Poo Squad - 1 year ago


​ The melt is about to happen!
​ What does that mean? ​
The snow that has been on the ground for over a month is going to melt very soon. If you have dogs, you will see dog poop, LOTS of dog poop.

​ It also means our phone starts ringing off the hook. We are very close to our capacity right now and we will have to use a waiting list this year for spring clean ups. ​ ​ If you are wanting to sign up for service or get a spring clean up scheduled, we strongly urge you not to wait.

Sign up link and Rates below.

Sign up at www.poosquadneo.com and click on “Get Quote”.

​ One time and first time clean up rate: 
$35 for the first 5 gallon bucket and $15 each additional bucket. ​ It just depends on how much poop there is to pick up.​

Weekly clean up rates:
1 dog - $12 per week
​ 2 dogs - $15 per week
​ 3 dogs - $18 per week​
4 dogs - $21 per week
​ 5 dogs - $24 per week


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