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USB our Guest Podcast- Ep22 Software Updates

by USB our Guest - 2 months ago

USB our Guest is the cyber security podcast you have been looking for. Offering quick tips in under 5 minutes in length and intended to help people better protect themselves from Cyber criminals. From passwords to Phishing and everything in between. If you need a resource to help demystify cyber security and how it affects you see the link to the show page to find the platform you listen on. https://anchor.fm/usbog

Episode 22- Software Updates https://anchor.fm/usbog/episodes/Software-Updates-emgnsh

Episodes include
Flash Drives
Password Best Practices, Creating Passwords, Password Managers
2FA - 2 Factor Authorization
VirusTotal Website
Hacking Humans and CyberWire Podcasts
Credit Card Scam RoboCalls, Social Security Administration Scam RoboCalls, Utility Company Scam Calls
Public Wi-Fi use warnings
VPN - Virtual Private network
Phishing, SpearPhishing, SMiShing, Whaling
Software updates

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