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We take a lot of crap from our customers

by The Poo Squad - 1 month ago

Why would you pay someone to pick up your dog’s poop!?
We are glad you asked!
Most of our clients are busy moms who just don’t have the time with all of their kids' activities and this is just one less thing for them to worry about. A lot of our clients, especially during the winter months, go to work when it's still dark and don’t get home until after dark. Many of our clients are disabled or may have a hard time getting around but still want the companionship of a dog. Some of our clients simply don’t want to do it.
We don’t think you should hire just anyone to pick up your dog poop. The kid down the street or the company only charging $7 or giving away 2 free months. Now that’s all fine and dandy right up until they don’t show up or even worse, they do show up but they don’t have insurance and they get hurt on your property.
They probably don’t practice proper sanitation protocols either and can easily spread bacteria from yard to yard. No one wants their dog to get parvo and neither do we.
Poo Squad Northeast Ohio is the elite in poo extraction for a reason. You see, we take the invitation to your home VERY seriously. We keep you informed of the whole process each week from start to finish.
We send you a text message reminder in the morning that we are coming that day.
We send another text message giving you a heads up that we are about 10 minutes away so you can put your dogs inside if you need to do so.
We ALWAYS wear bright orange Poo Squad branded clothing and our vehicles are very easy to identify so if you miss the text message and happen to catch someone walking around your backyard out of the corner of your eye, you will instantly know that it is us and not have to worry about who is this stranger in my yard?
Once we are done picking up the poop, we can deodorize your yard (if you sign up for it) and we haul all of the poop away. We will NEVER use your trash can or offer you a discount to use it. The way we see it, you are paying us to take a problem away. Who wants their trash cans to smell like dog poop!?
The one thing we hear over and over again from our clients who have switched to us from another service is how blown away they are with our professionalism and customer service.
We ALWAYS show up on the same day. (Except for a few holidays)
We ALWAYS let you know we are coming.
We ALWAYS sanitize our equipment and shoes between yards.
We are a monthly subscription service so you are ALWAYS billed the same amount on the same day each month.
We NEVER try to suck you in with a $7 rate or free 2 months and then jack up the rate on you. We are a premium brand with the best service and we charge accordingly.
If you are sick of dog poop or sick of one of the other companies, you can sign up for our "Black Tie" service today by visiting us at www.pooquadneo.com and clicking on "Get Quote".


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