Santon Electric Tackles Residential Housing Projects in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Residential housing on the city’s South Side is getting powered by Santon Electric. 

Electricians have been going between duplexes on Glenwood Avenue and single-family homes being built on Bernard Street.

The projects are an effort between the city and the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation. Santon Electric is working with Joe Koch Construction – the lead contractor for the housing.

“On Glenwood, there will be five duplexes with detached garages, for a total of 10 units. Two of the duplexes are almost finished, and we’re waiting to hear when the other three will be built,” said Frank Sferra, project manager at Santon Electric.

Power Problem Solved

Sferra said the only challenge encountered at the job is that the power lines are on the opposite side of the road.

“It’s hard to get access to the transformers. As a solution, we’re going to set another pole between the existing ones to supply adequate power.”

Two of five duplexes on Glenwood Avenue are nearly complete.

All the wiring is done at the duplexes, and Santon will soon install the outlets and lighting fixtures. Once completed, they will be available for rent.

“This has been a smooth process. We do a lot of work with Koch, and everything has been super organized. It’s been a good experience.”

Residential Housing Development

About a mile down from the Glenwood properties, six new houses will eventually sit on Bernard Street. One is nearly finished, and crews are in the early stages of work on two others.

“These homes will be for sale. Potential owners need to qualify and apply with YNDC for them,” Sferra said.

It’s expected the asking price for the homes will be between $150,000 and $250,000.

“We’re waiting on the drywalling to go in for this first home, and then the contractor will tell us when it’s time to come back and put in all the fixtures and finish the electrical work.”

Project Load: Heavy

The housing work comes as Santon Electric is balancing several other projects across the Mahoning Valley and the region.

“We’ve been very busy with residential and commercial work,” Sferra said. “We have an assisted living facility we’re wrapping up in Columbiana, as well as the Love’s Travel Stop in North Lima, two car washes, renovations at the Tavern 26 restaurant in Campbell. And we’ll soon be doing the new Varsity Club at The Gallagher in downtown Youngstown.”

Outside the area, Santon is working at gas stations in Akron and Cleveland.

“We work hard and hustle. We have to get it all done and have good timing. Things have always been busy, but it seems to be more so these days than ever.”

Sferra said when the weather breaks, it’s typical to have a lot of jobs hit at once.

“We’ve got our crews busy, but we’re handling it.”

Community Impact

Making positive changes also matches Santon Electric’s strong sense of community and willingness to give back. Each year, the company collaborates with the Boo Squad of Poland to help feed families in need during Thanksgiving.

On a professional level, Santon Electric gets to be part of growth and change for Youngstown through the new construction projects.

“It’s something that builds up the neighborhood. We want more families to move in and, of course, it helps with housing issues.”

Santon Electric is a member contractor of NECA-IBEW Electricians, an association consisting of IBEW Local 64 in Youngstown, IBEW Local 573 in Warren and signatory electrical contractors throughout the Valley.


Pictured at top: Frank Sferra, project manager at Santon Electric.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.