Westminster Named College of Distinction

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Westminster College was named a 2024-2025 College of Distinction, recognizing the school’s commitment to a high-quality undergraduate education focused on experiential learning, strong student-teacher relationships. Additionally, Westminster was lauded for its exceptional business, education and nursing programs.

Selection for Colleges of Distinction includes a rigorous process which chooses schools adhering to four distinctions – engaged students, great teaching, vibrant community and successful outcomes. Westminster College demonstrated exceptional performance in each area, according to Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer at Colleges of Distinction.

“A college degree opens the door to many opportunities, but a truly worthwhile education prepares students to thrive once they walk through that door,” Schritter said. “Westminster College’s curriculum encourages meaningful student-faculty collaboration through experiential learning that is relevant and applicable to the real world.”

College of Distinction selection includes extensive and detailed interview with members of the institution and Schritter adds the unlike traditional numerical ranking systems, the program recognizes there is no number one school for every person.

“We are much more focused on the innovative ways that colleges are offering their own brand of a truly rich undergraduate education,” Schritter said, noting Westminster provides an individual approach that helps students achieve success in unique ways.

“We are so impressed to see how Westminster brings life to the traditional undergraduate experience,” Schritter said. “With a welcoming community, an immersive curriculum and strong support networks, Westminster College is undoubtedly nurturing the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.”

Additionally, Westminster was named a Pennsylvania College of Distinction and lauded for excellence in business education and nursing programs.

To earn the Business College of Distinction, Schritter said Westminster demonstrated qualities including accreditation, program breadth, advising, mentoring, integration of career services and successful student outcomes.

“Thriving in a precarious economy requires one to be agile in the face of chance,” Schritter said. “We applaud Westminster’s emphasis on educating ethical, agile and competent leaders.”

The Education College of distinction recognized how well students in the program are prepared to lead their own classrooms after graduation, while the Nursing College of Distinction was based on the program’s commitment to training well-rounded, thoughtful and skilled nurses, according to Schritter.

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