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Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries Names New CEO

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Ann Phillips has been named CEO of Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries.

She replaces Mark Goloja, who resigned in February.

HaSheen Wilson, president of the board, said Phillips demonstrated great leadership skills during her time with the organization.

“Ann’s laser focus to details, ability to simplify and communicate complex information and situations, while keeping her sights on the future made her a clear choice to lead Goodwill through our next era,” he said.

A Youngstown State University graduate, Phllips started at Youngstown Area Goodwill in 2018 in an entry-level position. After a six-month break, she returned in 2019 in a grants and data management role.

Phillips was eventually promoted to assistant controller, and then to director of retail. From there she transitioned into her current roles as CEO and chief financial officer.

“I am extremely thankful and excited to be named the CEO of Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries,” she said. “I know the importance employment has had in my own life, and I’m grateful my experience at Goodwill has led me to translate that appreciation into action that serves others.”

Phillips said she will continue to work improve workforce development.

“We pride ourselves on providing resources that help individuals with barriers to employment find, maintain and advance their careers and skills in addition to providing meaningful jobs within our own company,” she said. “We also enjoy working with our partners and area businesses looking to support their employees’ workforce development needs. Goodwill wants to share our mission of believing in the value of people and the power of work.”

The nonprofit has been serving eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania for more than 125 years,

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Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.