100% of Paisley House Residents are Vaccinated

Submitted by Jill Cox, executive director, Paisley House

Is your business back to normal?

Short of changing our daily routine to wearing masks, smaller groups, social distancing and limited visitation, we have proudly remained COVID-free. Not one Resident of Paisley House contracted COVID.

100 % of them are now vaccinated and 90% of the employees. We have exceeded the average.

What is your “new normal?

Our new normal will always be erring on the side of caution first and slowly instituting new policy as businesses reopen their services.

Our service to our Residents has been consistent and unchanged. Our Residents and Families are most respectful of our safety here at Paisley House.

We love Zoom staff meetings. We have no issue with frequent temperature checks, hand sanitizer and wearing masks. Our Board has met via Zoom and hoping to meet in person soon.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

Any business with outside vendors is kept local, i.e. Bezac Equipment Co., Zabel’s, Professional Electronics, Clayton Heating & Air Conditioning, Cornersburg Sparkle and many more local businesses. We get food delivery in boxes and have been delivering these boxes to the Salvation Army weekly during the pandemic

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