Poor Grape Harvest Will Affect the Region’s Wineries

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – This year’s grape harvest at northeastern Ohio vineyards produced a very low yield and a fruit quality that for most was average at best.

A spring frost laid the groundwork for a stunted crop, and a cool and rainy spell in late September delayed ripening and led to a higher incidence of rot.

But the news isn’t all bad, as results varied from field to field. READ MORE

More Clones In Our Future?

GENEVA, Ohio – As our region’s winemakers continue their journey to making world-class cool climate wines, selecting appropriate clones will become more and more important. READ MORE

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Ohio’s Wine Reputation Is Built on Chardonnay

Around the world, chardonnay is recognized as the most noble of white wines. It is widely planted, capable of producing a broad range of wine styles and has almost universal appeal. READ MORE

Becoming a Wine ‘Expert’

For those who might want to explore the wonderful world of wine, we are a little luckier than most – we live in the midst of wine country and can visit a nearby vineyard to practice our pronunciation skills and hone our taste buds. READ MORE

Lake Erie: Nature’s Gift to Our Grape Community

In the late 1970’s, the federal government began granting designations known as Appellations of Origin to American grape growing regions. READ MORE