Phalanx Mills: The Paradise That Wasn’t

BRACEVILLE TOWNSHIP – During the early summer of 1848, Angelique Le Petit Martin opened a letter addressed to her from a friend living near Marietta, Ohio.

“I am pleased to hear that your prospects are encouraging and shall always be gratified to learn of your welfare and prosperity,” wrote Charlotte Barker on June 26. “Tho’ I must say to you candidly that I have little faith in the well working of ‘the system’ – but let it be tried.”

The “system” to which Barker referred in her letter was the Trumbull Phalanx Corporation, a communal experiment established in 1844 in northwestern Braceville Township in Trumbull County. READ MORE

Journey to the Center of the World

CENTER OF THE WORLD, Ohio – For decades, the two signs that bookend a 0.7-mile stretch of state Route 5 in Braceville Township have steadily commanded the attention of motorists.

Passersby on the busy thoroughfare often take note of the small, unassuming placards from the northeast- and southwest-bound lanes that hold just four words: “Center of the World.”  It’s enough to convince drivers to stop, turn around, and take another look.

“There are people from all over who stop and take pictures with it,” says Jeff Tucker, a Braceville Township trustee. “It’s kind of a cool thing.” READ MORE


Video: The Rise and Fall of Trumbull Phalanx

Discover the forgotten legacy of the Trumbull Phalanx, a 19th-century Ohio experiment in social harmony and the remnants that echo its legacy today. WATCH

Video: A Road Trip to the ‘Center of the World’ 

Discover the quirky charm of Braceville Township’s ‘Center of the World’ in Ohio, where history and humor intersect to create a roadside phenomenon that continues to captivate and intrigue. WATCH

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