How a Small Hamlet Exemplified Local Industry

HUBBARD – The crossroads at Bell Wick-Campbell and Chestnut Ridge roads in Hubbard Township had its name and destiny written as early as the 1850s.
A map of Trumbull County, printed in 1856, identifies a tract of land in the region just northwest of the city of Hubbard.  There, on the property of Hugh Love, is scrawled “Coal Bank” – denoting an outcrop of the industrial fuel that laid the foundation of the boom, and then bust, of this hamlet.  Nearly 20 years later, maps show the area had earned a name of its own, replete with its own post office: Coalburg.
More important, the community would exemplify how rapid industrialization in the years following the Civil War laid bare some of the earliest labor tensions in the Mahoning Valley as big business led the drive to cultivate the region’s prized natural resources. READ MORE

Gretchen’s Lock: The Legend Endures

CALCUTTA, Ohio – There is a section of Little Beaver Creek in Columbiana County just north of Calcutta that flattens out, flowing east before meandering southward toward the Ohio River.
Here are remnants of an engineering feat that began nearly 200 years ago.
Some of the abandoned locks along the former Sandy and Beaver Canal – begun in the mid-1830s – are today remarkably preserved.
One lock in particular has become embedded in the DNA of Columbiana County folklore: Gretchen’s Lock, situated along that flat stretch of Beaver Creek and a place shrouded in ghoulish fiction. READ MORE


Video: The Rise and Fall of Trumbull Phalanx

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