Our print, digital, video and social media news platforms and daily e-mails deliver and empower marketing messages directed to influential and affluent business and community leaders who are integral to their company or organization’s sales and purchasing strategies.

Our readers are also high-income homeowners and consumers of local retail shops, restaurants and service professionals.

The Business Journal’s core audience lives and works in the five-county region comprised of Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana counties in Ohio, and Mercer and Lawrence counties in Pennsylvania. Our readership also extends into the Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Columbus and Pittsburgh markets.

Getting the best return on investment for your ad dollars depends on frequency.  To ensure your marketing message achieves its goal, research shows that your ad must be seen at least four times before a consumer even considers whether to purchase your product or service and at least six times before the purchase is made.

The Business Journal offers competitive advertising and combo packages. We craft comprehensive print and digital marketing programs so you reach our high-income, impactful audience — and achieve maximum results. For more information, contact Jan O’Malley, Sales Manager at 330-227-7129.


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