Nation’s ‘Cheapest’ Money Had Short Life

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The lead story on the front page of the Youngstown Business Journal’s December 1984 edition declared, “City Offers ‘Cheapest’ Money in Nation.”
The money in question was $683,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds that the city allocated to subsidize bank loans to businesses. With the community still feeling the reverberations of the steel mill closings that began in 1977 with Black Monday, local officials throughout the Mahoning Valley were looking at ways to lure businesses and encourage expansion, especially with bank interest rates at record highs. READ MORE

WRTA Lifts Community for 40 Years

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The inaugural edition of the Youngstown Business Journal spotlighted the Western Reserve Transit Authority. It was the first installment of the newspaper’s long-running Success Story series.
Back then as today, the transit system – which was experiencing a boost from its “What A Lift” advertising campaign – was preparing to launch a new downtown service and construct a bus terminal. Its executive director at the time, Jim Ferraro, declared that WRTA was “on [its] way” as the service continued its rebound from a temporary shutdown in 1981. READ MORE


Video: Giving the Valley a Lift for 40 Years

We’re celebrating 40 years of The Business Journal by looking back on our publication’s very first success story, the Western Reserve Transit Authority. WATCH

40 Years of The Business Journal

To commemorate our 40th year of proudly publishing The Business Journal, we’ll revisit economic development initiatives and newsmakers and ponder: What worked and what didn’t? Where are they now?
We could not foresee the changes that have taken place in the Mahoning and Shenango valleys since 1984, when the region was still reeling from Black Monday and seeking a quick-fix to move forward. READ MORE

The inaugural edition of the Youngstown Business Journal in August 1984.