13 Fresh Mark Workers Indicted in ICE Raid

CLEVELAND — Thirteen people detained June 19 following the raid at the Fresh Mark meat and packaging plant in Salem were indicted today for immigration-related offenses.

The indictments were announced at the U.S. attorney’s office here, which said the investigation is ongoing.

Special agents from ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations executed a criminal search warrant at the Fresh Mark plant at 1735 S. Lincoln Ave. The raid led to a total of 146 arrests — 98 males and 48 females, primarily from Guatemala, according to an ICE spokesman.

In announcing today’s indictments, federal prosecutors did not say whether those not indicted have been released or why they were detained but never charged with a crime.

All of those indicted were charged with making a false statement of citizenship and using a false Social Security card and state identification card in the name of another person as part of their application process for employment.

The 13 individuals indicted are:

  • Andres De La Cruz-Lopez, 30, of Guatemala.
  • Gusto Gonzalez-Lopez, 37, of Guatemala.
  • Samuel Hernandez-Hernandez, 20, of Guatemala.
  • Bonifacio Ixcoy-Gonzalez, 18, of Guatemala.
  • Domingo Jose-Juan, 46, of Guatemala.
  • Geovanie Melendez-Silva, 30, of Guatemala.
  • Miguel Pedro Pascual, 20, of Guatemala.
  • Clemente Perez-Hernandez, 21, of Guatemala.
  • Donaciano Ramirez-Ortiz, 45, of Mexico.
  • Ulises Roblero-Lopez, 36, of Mexico.
  • Roberto Santay-Ajanel, 25, of Guatemala.
  • Emilio Sente-Juarez, 40.
  • Pedro Tzep-Lorenzo, 33, of Guatemala.

The charges are being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney David M. Toepfer following investigations by ICE, Customs and Border Protection Office of Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations, the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office and the Salem Police Department.

Pictured at top: Federal agents raid the Fresh Mark plant in Salem June 19.

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