Energy Efficiency Hits Home without Hitting Wallet

13 Tips to Save Energy In Your Workplace

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Simple conservation measures as well as energy efficiency technology go a long way toward reducing your company’s monthly energy costs.

For instance, replace conventional incandescent light bulbs in desk lamps with fluorescent light bulbs. This can save 75% on your lighting energy.

Another measure that can be quickly implemented is encouraging employees to turn off their desk power strips at the end of the day. Power strips with wireless remote control switches make this action easy, but add cost. Just moving existing power strips to an accessible location can save energy without cost

Here are more ideas to consider as you strive to keep energy expenses in line:

  • Adopt a workplace energy efficiency policy to encourage employees to be more conscientious about their consumption of energy.
  • Install vending misers to control unnecessary use of energy by your vending machines.
  • Turn off printers, copiers and computers overnight. Use timers to turn off equipment if the staff prefers.
  • Most coffee makers in the workplace consume more energy than most imagine, especially those with a hot water tank that remains hot 24/7. For those, use a timer that turns power off overnight but turns it on early in the morning so the water is hot before the first coffee drinker arrives.
  • Ensure that parking lot and outdoor lights are turned on only when needed. Install or fine tune occupancy sensors and/or photocells.
  • Replace outdoor lights with LEDs with good controls.
  • Install occupancy sensors in place of indoor light switches in offices. A favored technology is a light switch that occupants turn on when desired and a sensor that turns it off when the room is vacant.
  • If your building has good natural lighting, consider integrating natural lighting with light fixtures. Fixtures are available that automatically dim the fluorescent lamps when natural lighting meets the lighting needs of the space.
  • Seek a professional energy audit for your building to create a list of building-specific energy efficiency measures that could be implemented. Most audits include the estimated energy savings and costs you need to make a good business decision about measures to implement.
  • Make sure your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system is up to date. Modernizing your system with digital controls, an energy-management system and more efficient fans, motors and controls can cut energy bills drastically. A more efficient HVAC system should also make your employees more comfortable, which could encourage greater productivity.
  • Seek volunteer employees to form a Green Team to consider workplace changes that will save energy and other resources.


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