2 Outdoor Fitness Stations Open in Youngstown Parks

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — James ”Big Jim” London tried out the new outdoor fitness station installed in his neighborhood at Glenwood Park as part of an initiative to meet the needs of inner city youth.

“We went into the community and found out what the kids wanted. That was most important to us,” said London, president of the Idora Neighborhood Association.

The park features eight new pieces of fitness equipment similar to that found in a gym. London took the initiative of trying out the cardio walker, elliptical, stationary cycle and chest and leg press to see how well the equipment works that both adults and children can use.

On Thursday, he attended the ribbon cutting at Glenwood Park, corner of Glenwood and Sherwood avenues, to raise awareness about the availability of the equipment.

An hour earlier, a second ribbon was cut at another new fitness station, this one at Homestead Park, corner of East Dewey and Homestead avenues.

Both fitness stations were funded by a $75,000 grant from the William Swanston Charitable Foundation to the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp.

Mayor John A. McNally thanked all who helped fund and set up the equipment at the playgrounds, emphasizing why the fitness stations are a necessity. “The most important part about these fitness stations is promoting the health of our community,” he said.

The neighborhoods were chosen because they have highest concentration of youths in the city.

“We get a lot of families from the community who come and utilize the park,” London said.

Basia Adamczak, 7th Ward councilwoman, said the fitness stations are a “fantastic asset” and mentioned she would like to see more benches installed at Homestead in the near future.

“We’re always thinking of new ideas because little things like this make the biggest impact,” said 5th Ward Councilwoman Lauren McNally.

Pictured: Katrina Love and “Big Jim” London, residents of the Idora Park neighborhood, check out the new fitness equipment at Glenwood Park.

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