Getting Back to Work Can Help Mental Health

As the economy opens up, executive director of the Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board, April Caraway, says it’s very important for people to get back to work in the interest of their mental health. Caraway touts the structure of a daily routine and the camaraderie of co-workers.

“The routine of getting back to work, the knowledge that income is coming back in is critical for people’s mental health,” she says.

In addition to going back to work, caraway says people also need to focus on the positive side of COVID-19. “What was lost on one side,” she says, “there were gains on the other side.”

“The family unit has become stronger. People have slowed the pace and realized what’s important and what we can leave by the way side and not jump right back into because it really will take away the time that should be used caring for one another.” she says.

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