3 Minutes With: Pandemic Helps People to Open Up about Mental Health

Seeing and increase in mental health issues through the covid-19 pandemic, Marcy Patton, executive director of the Columbiana County Mental Health and Addiction Services Board, discusses some of the problems affecting the public.

“There’s so many people who are stressed for a variety of reasons and there’s a number of things they’ve been dealing with,” she says.

While there has long been a stigma around mental health and opening up to talk about it, Patton says because the population as a whole has had to deal with the pandemic it’s allowing people the freedom to discuss their problems and helps with the stigma issue.

“I do think even though we are all experiencing it, people do experience it in different ways,” she says. “People are experiencing more difficulty with it than others just because of their circumstances but we all kind of have that feeling of stress and anxiety and not knowing what the future holds.”

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