4 Signs That It’s Time For a New Corporate Video

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – A good corporate video – or “sales video” – can go a long way as a sales tool.

It’s versatile. It’s timely. It allows you to show more of your personality and what differentiates you from your competitors. It’s clickable and more appealing to prospects than a text-based message.

In short, it’s rich content that can help you fast-track relationships with prospects. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you have one already, review this list of signs that it could be time for refreshing your corporate video.

  • New leadership? Put your new executives or customer-facing personnel front-and-center to start establishing relationships with key customers and sales targets. Remove people who are no longer with your organization.
  • New products or services? Introduce your newest offerings with compelling visuals, including the individuals on your team responsible for them.
  • A virtual tour of a new facility? Take us on a guided site visit without us having to leave our office.
  • Showcase the capabilities of new piece of equipment? Impress customers and prospects with your newest capital investment and how its making your products even better/faster/safer/more efficiently.
  • Educate your customers? Show us a demo; walk us step-by-step through how it works and what it can do for customers.

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