$491 Million Investment Enhances EV Production

DETROIT – GM will be investing $491 Million in Marion Metal Center to support EV production.

Marion Metal Center, the Indiana metal stamping facility which first opened in 1956, will receive the money to produce a variety of steel and aluminum stamped parts to be used for making future products, which includes electric vehicles, GM said.

Two new press lines will be added, as well as press and die upgrades. The investment will also go towards funding renovations and construction to a 6,000-square-foot.

Gerald Johnson, executive vice president of global manufacturing and sustainability, said the investment is a way of investing in those working for the company who make manufacturing a “competitive advantage.”

“While this investment prepares the facility for our all-electric future, it’s really and investment in our talented Marion team and will keep the plant working for many years to come,” he said.  

Indiana governor, Eric J. Holcomb, said the state is ranked number one in American manufacturing production per capita and is ranked in the top three or automotive vehicles.

“It’s exactly because of investments like GM’s in advanced technology and future-focused solutions that will ensure Indiana will continue to be a leader in tomorrow’s manufacturing, making the products that power and redefine mobility the world over,” he said.

GM said work at the center will begin later this year.

All of Marion’s current 750 employees are expected to remain stable during the additions made by the new work in the center.

“The City of Marion appreciates General Motors’ $491 million investment in the Marion Metal Center,” said Marion mayor, Jess Alumbaugh. “Our community and GM have enjoyed a great partnership for 65 years. This commitment is confirmation that our future together is bright and will help ensure that GM continues to set the standard in the automotive industry.”

Source: General Motors

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.