FedEx Youngstown

79 Jobs Affected by Closure of Youngstown FedEx Facility

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The projected Nov. 3 closure of a local FedEx facility will lead to the layoffs of about 79 employees. 

A Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act letter filed by Karl Mifflin, senior manager of station operations for FedEx Corp., detailed the pending layoffs at the 2670 Salt Springs Road location.

The nonunion positions affected will result in the layoff of approximately 73 couriers, two service agents, one senior manager and three operation managers, the letter states. Some employees currently working at the location will remain with the company after the closure and will be transferred to the locations on Bailey Court East in North Jackson or the new location opening this fall on South Hermitage Road in Hermitage, Pa.

Additionally, those employees included in the layoff will be given options including relocation, severance or a leave of absence to pursue other positions with the company.

FedEx announced this week it would close the shipping center, citing “volume fluctuations, customer demand and facility footprints” among the factors evaluated when such decisions are made.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.