898’s New Office Sets Stage for Growth

CANFIELD, Ohio – With a move into a new office last month, 898 Marketing was able to tear down its main barrier to growth: space.

A ribbon cutting for the new space, 5721 Shields Road in Canfield, was held Tuesday. Prior to the move, President Jeff Ryznar said only six to eight accounts were being managed by himself and one other person. Since then, 898’s client list doubled and its roster of employees has grown exponentially.

“We’re already seeing the benefits of the new office space,” said Ryznar. “We moved in June 1 and we’ve already added new clients to the roster – Dearing Compressor & Pump, Southwoods Health, Greenwood Chevrolet.”

The new, leased space is allowing employees to create better work, but to be able to work in a better environment. Ryznar said its been keeping them more productive and happy.

“It’s the opportunity for them to feel like they built this on their own,” he said. “It was decorated by all 12 people who work in our company from the quotes on the wall, to the chairs with the 898 monogram, to the colors, to how the office is situated. Everybody had an input and say in it.” 

The space is exactly what Ryznar and the 898 staff wanted – an open, creative environment, said Meredyth McNally-Ryznar. 

“This space is ultimately comfortable, collaborative and a place where people feel at home,” she said. “I see Jeff being successful with his clients, trying new avenues, new creative ideas and growing his business and getting the name out there.” 

Among the employees at 898 Marketing is account manager Cailyn Chrystal, who says she is excited about the move because it provides better opportunities for collaborative work, something that happens on most projects at the company.

“I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different clients in many different industries, so it’s nice to see the different needs of different clients and get to learn about them all,” she said. “The new office space is proof that we’re still growing.” 

The business started in downtown Canfield, but a move to the new space was made a mile and a half north from the original location to occupy two office suites. Ryznar said he enjoys working in Canfield with the township and the trustees, and the new location fits the business’s culture. 

“The new space that we have is bigger, so we are able to bring in more things in-house,” he said. “Video production, client meetings, elements of entertaining and creating a space that harnesses not only positive energy and vibe for the people who work here, but also gives them a place they feel comfortable achieving their results we’re hoping to bring to our clients.”

It offers a fully equipped conference room for 10, waiting area, lounge area, 12 individual working areas, a full kitchen and a room called “The Porch” where team members can relax. Ryznar said team members are welcome to bring something to this room to help them unwind such as yoga mats, weights, video game machines, books or futons.

“We just had to put our own unique touches on it. Our clients expect a high level of productivity from us and a lot of creativity, and if you work hard, you should also relax a little bit and recharge those batteries,” he said. “We wanted to be able to give people that opportunity and not have to leave, and make them feel like this is their home away from home.”

The new space will also allow the business to host larger client meetings and informational events for local media outlets, including training sessions they plan to open up to the public on topics to help businesses and young professionals continue to grow on their own.

“We want to hold training sessions and informational nights for media partners in small- and medium-sized businesses so they can realize what opportunities are out there, not just with us but with all marketing agencies and all media outlets that are available who can help them grow their business,” Ryznar said.

Planning for exactly what the training sessions will entail is still being worked out. Ryznar aims to launch the program in the fourth quarter with sessions on a range of business topics both inside and outside of marketing.

“We partner with different agencies and the Better Business Bureau to have them come in and deliver elements, opportunities and speeches,” Ryznar said. “We want this to be a part of everyone to elevate our community as a whole.”

Pictured: Today, 898 Marketing employs Kelly Fertig, Zach Patton, Ryan Peplowski, Lizzie Philibin, owner Jeff Ryznar, Sadie Alesi, Kayla Gossard, Jaclyn DiDomenico, Cailyn Chrystal, Matthew Daprile, and Katherine Vandegrift. Before moving into the new office, it employed just two.

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