A Vasectomy for Christmas? Why Not?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (Dec. 1, 2015) – It’s an age-old question for many husbands around this time of year, what do you give to the mother who has everything?

How about a vasectomy? Think about it.

Tell her it’s the gift that keeps on giving, right?

All jokes aside, the “gift” of a commitment to getting a vasectomy isn’t unheard of. “Vasectomy season” runs at its peak in mid-March, not coincidentally around tip-off time for the NCAA college basketball tournament. What better time to be confined to a couch recovering with an ice pack on your lap for three days than during March Madness.

But in order to be in “game shape” by the spring, men need to start considering their options now.

“Truthfully it’s the wives in many cases who nudge their husbands toward the procedure, so why not add a holiday twist to it as a potential gift,” said Dr. Nicholas Styn of NEO Urology, with offices in Boardman, Austintown and Warren.

In order to coordinate the procedure for March Madness or the second-most popular date, the week of The Masters golf tournament in April, men need to come to terms with the decision now and schedule an initial consultation with a urologic surgeon to discuss their candidacy.


A vasectomy is a means of permanent sterilization for men. The procedure, which involves the clamping or cutting of the vas deferens from each testicle to prevent sperm from leaving the man’s body, is mainly performed in the office with the use of a sedative to relieve patient anxiety. In many cases the procedure is also covered by basic health insurance, but check with your plan to confirm.

“We decided to have a little fun with the process and help ease men’s minds about the procedure, while also try to address their misconceptions,” Dr. Styn said. “It’s no secret that some men dread the thought of the procedure for one reason or another, so we’re adding some incentives in March – themed t-shirts, pizza giveaways, social media photo opportunities and maybe some other surprises – to make it a less-intimidating experience for them.”

Drs. Vincent Ricchiuti and Nicholas Styn require a consultation prior to scheduling the procedure so patients have the opportunity to learn all the facts and risks about vasectomies before making a final decision. They recommend calling to schedule the consultation a few months in advance in order to schedule the procedure in March.

NEO Urology’s Boardman, Ohio, office can be reached at 330.729.9214 and online at www.neourology.com/snip.

Dr. Nicholas Styn is a Mahoning Valley native and resident of Poland, Ohio. He joined NEO Urology in 2015 after spending three years with Urology Associates outside of Nashville.

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