AAA to Enhance Roadside Services Using Apple Satellites

Through a partnership with Apple, users of iPhone 14 and the newly unveiled iPhone 15 can now access AAA services via satellite. 

Using their iPhones, motorists seeking roadside assistance can be connected via satellite with AAA after answering a few questions to get important details.

Users will receive clear guidance on how to stay connected to a satellite so they can message with a AAA agent and get important information about the status of their request. 

“Our partnership with Apple will be welcomed news for iPhone users stranded in more remote locations with poor cellular or internet access,” said Mike Hoshaw, vice president of automotive services for AAA East Central. “Our commitment to safety will be elevated to a new level with iPhone’s satellites, which will help us rescue those who would have otherwise had difficulty reaching us.” 

AAA responds to approximately 30 million calls for roadside assistance annually and serves more than 63 million members, a news release states.

Roadside Assistance via satellite will be available to all iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 users in the United States, regardless of whether they are a AAA member. 

AAA does not provide off-road vehicle recovery, so individuals must be located near a road to receive service. 

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.