Actionable Insights Targets 500M Devices

SHARON, Pa. — Actionable Insights grew revenue by nearly 40% and hired three sales people, a graphic designer and a chief digital strategist, says its president and CEO, Jason Wood.

“We also expanded our reach into the Florida market while expanding our services to include rooftop targeting,” Wood reports. Rooftop targeting is just one of the ways in which AI takes advantage of the evolving ability of mobile technology to provide granular insights into consumer behavior, he explains.

The company is deploying a marketing platform that targets over 500 million devices in the United States and their accompanying demographic data. “We will use this technology to offer our clients even deeper insights into their customers’ physical shopping behavior, such as which competitors they shop with, and to measure footfall response and attribute store visits to our digital marketing campaigns,” Wood says.

Founded in 2011, Actionable Insights specializes in creating marketing campaigns to precise, highly-targeted audiences, driving more conversions and a higher ROI than traditional marketing platforms. Services include data modeling, website design, SEO, search and social media advertising.

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