Administrative Professionals Take on More Tasks

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Administrative professional report they are supporting more staff and taking on more responsibilities.

In Staples’ fourth annual survey conducted in advance of Administrative Professionals Day April 22, more than half of administrative professionals reported they support more staff than they did the previous year, a trend also reflected in the past three surveys.

The survey also showed budget and payroll (46.7%), human resources (43.9%) and helping out on social media (23.1%) are the top three additional activities administrative assistants take on above and beyond their normal responsibilities.

The survey of 1,561 participants, conducted March 9-31, “highlights how admins are the backbone of businesses everywhere,” said Mike Edwards, executive vice president, merchandising, Staples.

Other findings of the survey include:

  • Administrative assistants were rated as better creative problem-solvers (57.4% versus 42.5%) and more tech-savvy (43.4% versus 29%) than their bosses. Respondents also said administrative assistants have a better sense of humor (58.7% versus 46.1%), are a better team player (61.5% versus 44.4%) and were more likely to be described as a friend (44.3% versus 29.4%) than the boss.
  • Close to half (45.6%) have been with their current company for six or more years.
    The majority of respondents (84.3%) said administrative assistants are proficient in social media.
  • Nearly all non-administrative assistant respondents (93.9%) report they have never used a virtual assistant.
    When administrative assistants were asked who they would most enjoy as their boss, historical figures topped the list in the United States, while movie stars ranked as number one in Canada.
  • Nearly eight out of 10 survey participants feel their company does a good job at making the administrative assistant feel appreciated.

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