Aim Expands Freight Brokerage with 2 New Hires

GIRARD, Ohio – With business surging at its freight brokerage division, Aim Transportation Solutions has added two new agents – Brandon Mellott and Joseph Siguenza – and has expanded its office space.  

Aim, based in Girard, recently acquired new offices for its commercial transportation services, including its 3PL brokerage division

Because of the significant growth at 3PL over the past few years the workload is more than the current team can handle, said director of operations Brandon Stieb in a statement, “which is a good problem to have.”

Mellott and Siguenza will play significant roles in the “growth and evolution of Aim 3PL,” he said, adding that both Mellot and Siguenza come to Aim with experience in logistics.

Freight brokerage steps into the middle stages of the usual distribution process, connecting shippers with carriers, negotiating rates and managing shipments from start to finish.

“Most companies aren’t in the business of shipping and do it out of nothing more than necessity,” Stieb said. “They turn to us and our capabilities to allow them to focus more on their core business and leave things like securing capacity, managing compliance and controlling costs to Aim 3PL.”

“Our customers, as well as companies who aren’t yet customers, have a need for carriers to handle loads that exceed their internal capacity,” added Aim co-president Scott Fleming. “Any time our customers have a transportation need, Aim seeks to fill that need and do so more efficiently than the competition. In this current climate, that carrier need is growing. We recognized that we had to expand Aim’s 3PL division to meet our own standards of customer service.”

Aim’s freight brokerage service can be reached by calling 330 318 4268 or emailing

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.