Aim Expanding Its Used Truck Department

GIRARD, Ohio — To meet the demand for preowned vehicles among its customer base, Aim Transportation Solutions is expanding its used truck department.

The company will seek out and purchase equipment from reputable vendors, according to a company release. Vehicles will be brought into one of the company’s three used-truck centers in Girard, Toledo and South Holland, Ill. to be reconditioned by Aim’s internal technicians.

“This is a huge opportunity,” says Eric Samp, Aim’s director of used trucks. “Most lead-rental companies don’t do this as a practice, but we saw the opportunity, and we have an excellent network out there to bring the trucks in and get them turned around.”

As a commercial truck leading and rental company, Aim has always reconditioned vehicles from its rental fleet and those coming off lease for sale, according to the release. As its reputation as a reliable seller of preowned vehicles grew, Aim’s used truck department expanded to meet increased demand.

“I recognized a gap in the supply we had of certified preowned vehicles for sale versus the demand in the market,” says Aim Co-President Scott Fleming. “Not all companies or individuals are at the right spot in their business life cycle for a full-service lease or dedicated contract carriage agreement with Aim, but they can still benefit from Aim’s industry high maintenance standards by purchasing a previously owned vehicle that was maintained and revitalized by Aim.”

Buying preowned vehicles as increased in popularity with the economy and current volatility of the markets, the company states. But while buying used can save a company money, the reliability of used equipment can cause anxiety.

Aim’s technicians ensure its rental and off-lease vehicles have regular routine maintenance, and the company will purchase vehicles externally “from known sources we’ve worked with in the past,” Samp says.

“The equipment will be coming to us in very good, trade-term condition, and then we’ll bring those pieces of equipment into one of our three used truck centers to have them reconditioned by our technicians, who have been doing this for decades on our own lease-rental equipment,” he says.

Aim’s inventory includes a range of commercial trucks, including cube vans and sleepers, as well as equipment, such as swing doors, side doors and lift gates.

“Through purchasing gently preowned vehicles from outside sources, having Aim’s top-of-the-line maintenance team restore them to the highest possible standard and marketing them, we can give more people out there access to the Aim equipment advantage,” Fleming says.

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Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.