Alliance Solutions’ Valley Office Sees Revenues Up 30%

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio — Alliance Solutions Group of Mahoning Valley will move to a larger office the first part of 2016 to accommodate staff growth.

Additional personnel are needed following what Vic Ing, president of the staffing and recruitment firm’s Mahoning Valley office in Austintown, describes as “hyper growth” in 2015, with revenues growing nearly 30% over the prior year.

“While the entire company as a whole had high growth throughout 2015, our Mahoning Valley location did exceptionally well,” Ing says.

“We plan on growing even more in 2016. We haven’t yet added new staff due to our efficient process, but we will be relocating during the first part of the year to grow into a bigger office,” he adds.

Alliance Solutions Group uses its process of video interviewing job candidates.

“Our internal account managers and recruiters review these videos of candidate profile in order to assess the talent available in the market,” Ing says. “The videos can then be presented to our clients to review a candidate either prior to or in lieu of a time-consuming in-person interview.”

Last year Alliance Solutions Group updated its technology by partnering with EmployStream, a software-as-a-service designed for high-volume employers. The technology allows the company to onboard candidates remotely, via mobile technology if necessary, and without paperwork.

The company’s key challenge last year was diversifying its client base beyond the automotive and oil and gas sectors “to show that any kind of business that values top talent can benefit” from its services,” Ing says.

“Employees are seeking new and better opportunities and employers are in need of top talent more than ever,” he continues. “It is a good time to be in the job market, and even top talent that is employed has their eye on better opportunities elsewhere.”

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