Aqua Ohio to Renovate Boardman Water Storage Tanks

BOARDMAN, Ohio – Aqua Ohio will renovate its two 1 million-gallon water storage tanks near the intersection of McClurg Road and Southern Boulevard. 

The $1 million project is scheduled to begin later this month and will involve draining, sandblasting, minor repairs and repainting both the interior and exterior of the tanks, a news release states.

Customers should not experience service interruptions or notice other changes in water service during the project, though occasional water pressure variations are possible. The quality of the water will not be affected and will continue to meet all federal and state water quality regulations, the company said.   

“It’s important that we regularly maintain and repaint our water storage tanks to stay ahead of corrosion and maximize their service life,” said Jennifer Johnson, Aqua Ohio’s area manager. “These tanks are critical to our system. Not only do they provide storage for 2 million gallons of treated water, but they help regulate pressure levels in southern Boardman and Poland townships.”

Crews from American Suncraft Painting Co. of Medway, Ohio, will start by draining the northern tank and stripping old coatings and corrosion. Then they will make any needed repairs before applying paint to both the interior and exterior of the tank. The same work will then occur on the southern tank. 

Work is expected to be conducted between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and be completed by the middle of November. The company said plans have been made to avoid noisy activities during early morning hours. 

Johnson said the project is part of the $6.5 million that Aqua will invest locally in the Mahoning Valley and $65 million across the company’s 36 Ohio systems in 2023.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.