Aqua Seeks Customers’ Help in Identifying Service Lines

STRUTHERS, Ohio – Aqua is working with regulatory agencies to eliminate lead service lines across all of its service areas and is asking customers for help.

Aqua has worked to inventory all service line materials on the company-owned end of the lines. However, customers may have different materials leading to their homes, so the company is mailing letters with material identification instructions to properties with unknown service lines.

Owners of properties where the service line material is already known to not be lead will not receive a letter.

“Aqua’s mission is to deliver safe, reliable water service,” said Jennifer Johnson, area manager of Aqua’s Struthers Division. “We’re working with the EPA to identify lead lines. Once they’ve been identified, we’ll work with property owners to replace those lines.”

Customers have the option of reporting their service line material by phone, online or by mail. Aqua will reach out to customers until all service lines are identified. Once identification is complete, the company will begin a program to replace the lines.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.