Growth Report 2022

Community Foundation Disburses $10.5M

Executive Director, Community Foundation of Western PA and Eastern OH

SHARON, Pa. – The past two years have been extremely difficult on our region’s citizens, both personally and professionally. Previous challenges facing the most vulnerable have been amplified, and no one was left unaffected by the new hurdles that needed to be cleared under exceptionally trying circumstances.

This environment has also provided an opportunity for neighbors to stand up and support one another. It has been the Community Foundation of Western PA and Eastern OH’s privilege to help community members add some light to people’s lives.

The generosity displayed by our region has been nothing short of inspiring.

It was with this backdrop that Community Foundation donors provided over 2,000 grants totaling $10.5 million to support charitable initiatives throughout our region.

A deeper dive into this number shows that, in a one-week period, our region provided 1,911 donations to deliver $1.2 million in support to 62 local organizations during the Community Foundation’s annual PA OH Gives event.

What started with the community coming together to provide the initial funding to form the O’Brien Children Memorial Fund in the fall of
1981 has blossomed into an organization that 40 years later has over 750 funds that contain more than $150 million.

However, Community Foundation donors should be most proud of the fact that throughout the course of the past four decades they have been a part of granting over $108 million into our region. These numbers display what we can accomplish when we collaborate to reach common goals.

Residents of our region have turned to the Community Foundation throughout the decades to ensure they have the impact they desire on those that need assistance.

The Community Foundation’s growth has always been centered on the fact that any amount of money can make a difference in improving the lives of our neighbors, and that anyone can be a philanthropist. It is the solemn pledge of our organization that this will always remain the case.

On behalf of the Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH’s board of directors, thank you for your generosity and for continuing to step up to support the most vulnerable throughout our region.